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Sharing the Journey and the Joy

Below is a typical Resurrection Lutheran Bible Study. It is provided for historical reference, and should you be looking for a self-study resource, this one remains available to you. We vary these often, with a new study about each quarter. Much of our learning is done in small groups that meet in various locations. The groups and times listed below are an example only, not current. See Susan Cheatham for the latest schedule, or go to the News page!

As our Resurrection family begins to take a fresh look at the path God has chosen for us, we invite you to join us on the journey.  Our roadmap for this journey is called the "The Journey and the Joy", a Bible study designed to bring us closer to God and to each other.  Our family here at Resurrection does have have an advantage - we know Who we're following and we've got the map and tools to get us there.  God is ready to take us for a ride, and if we're willing to grab hold and trust Him completely, it will be the ride of our lives!

The first left of this trip will lead us to discover who we are as children of God.  What role does God play in our lives and how do we, in turn, reflect that?  To begin thinking about that question, many members of our family have already joined small groups called Journey Groups.   They are embarking on a six week study called "The Journey and the Joy".  In it, we will learn what the Bible has to say about who we are and whose we are.  Each group meets once a week for one hour.  Preparing for the week takes less than 15 minutes per day - just read through a short selection of scripture and reflect on a couple of questions.  Then we'll meet together to discuss what we've discovered.  Each week there will also be a sermon dedicated to the topic as well.

This is a great opportunity for you to find out what it's like to be part of a small group, spend some time getting to know some new friends, and receive the incredible gift of God's Word.  If you have never been in a Bible Study before, give yourself the chance to find out what an incredible blessing it can be in your life!

If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time!  Just Contact Us and we'll find a place for you.  If your schedule is such that you just can't find a Journey Group time that works for you, please take the time to read the study at home and work on it independently.  You will find extra copies of the Bible Study in the Narthex, or you can read the Bible verses at our Lessons page.

Below is a list of the Journey Group, when and where they meet, and who is leading.

When/Where Time Journey Guide Beginning
Sunday's at RLC 9:45 am Pastors Jim, Carol, and Lois 3/2
Sunday's at RLC 4:00pm Susan Cheatham 3/2
Sunday at Lake of the Woods 7:00pm Dave & Dee Allen 3/2
Tuesday's At RLC 9:00am Susan Cheatham 2/25
Tuesday's At Rally Point (Quantico) 11:30am Eric Carlson 3/4
Wednesday's at RLC 7:15pm Eileen Davis 3/4
Thursday's at RLC 7:45pm Dave and Dee Allen, Pastors Jim and Carol 3/6
Saturday's At Ukrop's (in the Cafe) 10:00am Pastor Carol 3/8


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