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Evangelism/Outreach Ministries


Our Mission: The purpose of the Evangelism/Outreach Team is to help members of our Congregation to become "Contagious Christians" by inviting and welcoming visitors and assisting new members to grow in their faith journeys.

Our Goals for 2015 are to:

+ Encourage members of RLC to greet visitors with a friendly smile and words of "hello", and "thank you for being here".
+ Introduce new visitors, as well as new members, to other people in the church.
+ Continue to provide bread and information about the church to first time visitors.
+ Provide a Visitor Table with information about the church.
+ Encourage new visitors to sign the visitor guest book and the insert in the Sunday Church Bulletin and include phone numbers, street and E-mail addresses welcoming them.
+ Encourage members of the Congregation to invite friends to services and special events.
+ Encourage church members to wear their name tags.
+ Provide advertising for upcoming church events through the Fredericksburg paper and community newsletters.
+ Promote visitation of the church at church events attended by the public.
+ Place information about the church at local community centers.
+ Continue 1 minute skits at the beginning of Sunday services promoting upcoming events and church activities, when appropriate.
+ Make Resurrection more visible through signage inside and out of the church.
+ Develop innovative ways to work with other RLC Teams to bring people into the church.
+ Provide "New Member" Orientation Breakfast and Lunch and Reception at times throughout the year.
+ Inform new members about the church ministries and work with the Shepherd Groups to get them involved.
+ Hold a team ministry fair in the Narthex in the fall.
+ Coordinate with other church teams in updating church website.
+ Encourage family units to subscribe to the Lutheran.

Our Witness and Service in 2014

+ The team and other church members continued to bake and distribute bread to first-time visitors, greet visitors and introduce them to other church members.

+ The team continued to maintain the Visitor Table and the display box outside the main church door with information about the church and team ministries.

+ The team created, distributed and encouraged church members to put new church decals on their vehicles and hand out church cards to new people.

+ Carol Bailey and others from the team, followed up first-time visitors with notes of greeting, phone calls and E-mails.

+ Team members used skits (One Minute Players) to encourage congregation members to get involved in church activities.

+ We held three new member orientation sessions, with breakfast, lunch and receptions and distributed packets to each new member containing a book, certificate, offering envelopes, name badges, list of church ministries and other information.

+ We provided advertising to local newspapers and community newsletters about events at the church.

+ At Easter we provided a display and books about Jesus to give to children.


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